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For an enjoyable, refreshing coffee moment. The finest coffee beans have been selected to create the best flavour. The full flavour of a creamy cappuccino combined with the finest ice crystals.

The ISINO machine ensures a unique texture and minimal preparation time. This cool and refreshing ice coffee is a delicious alternative to hot coffee.

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For an even more exclusive Frozen Cappuccino experience, ISINO can also be used as a delicious dessert. Decorate with one of the tasty creams and serve the iced coffee in an elegant glass that stands out on every table. This unique dessert is quick and easy to prepare, full of flavour, and therefore it is the perfect end to a dinner.

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ISINO Frozen Cappuccino can be offered as a neutral variant or with the addition of a delicious cream. Three types of cream have been selected to complement the pure flavour of the ice coffee. These creams are available in caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate flavour, giving your Frozen Cappuccino an even richer flavour experience.

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ISINO machine 1B 6L

- Capacity: 6 liters

- Width: 20 cm

- Depth: 50 cm

- Height: 60 cm

- Power: 230 V - 420 V

- Weight: 26 kg

ISINO machine 1B 10L

- Capacity: 10 liters

- Width: 20 cm

- Depth: 52 cm

- Height: 69 cm

- Power: 230 V - 510 V

- Weight: 27 kg

Poster, available in various sizes

Table card with or without creams 99x210mm


with minimal handling

The system is developed for professional use in the hospitality industry. The Frozen Cappuccino mix can be made quickly and in large quantities. The ISINO machine is used to create the unique Frozen Cappuccino and thanks to the quick tap system the preparation time is minimal.

  1. We supply the ISINO mix in a 500g pack. You can easily ensure the right mixing ratio with the included measuring jar, which shows the preparation steps. The result is high and consistent quality, every single day.

  2. After the Frozen Cappuccino mix has been made in the measuring jar, you put it in the ISINO machine. After 40 minutes the product will be frozen, and ready to be served. From that moment onwards, you can tap 24 ice coffees of 250ml (when the machine is filled to its maximum capacity).

During the day the machine can be refilled, without the use of the machine being interrupted. This ensures a capacity of 100-120 ice coffees a day.

There is also a ISINO machine available with a capacity of 10 litres. This model has almost the same surface dimensions but is taller. The 10 litre machine has a capacity which is 65% higher than the standard 6 litre model. Therefore, the high volume machine is suitable for locations which have a consumption of up to 200 ice coffees per day.

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a variety of


To Go cup with lid, capacity 250ml

High quality glass, stackable, 250ml capacity and with fill marking

Creams with pump system or in squeeze bottle

Measuring jar, showing the preparation steps

enhance your selection with


Discover the power of a good portable solution and grow consumption outside your company as well. This ice coffee concept is perfect for fast production with a minimum amount of effort. Tap a Frozen Cappuccino in less than 10 seconds using the ISINO To Go cup, equipped with a lid and a straw.

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